Secrets Of Press Release - How To Boost Your Online Presence Fast 2

Why Use Press Releases?

  • Press releases can be in ranking #1 position for difficult keywords
  • Press Releases backlink with high authority drives more Google organic traffic to your website
  • If your Press Releases syndicates with the major news sites it creates more backlinks
  • More ongoing traffic into your business

Press Release Background

The story begins with seeing training on press releases for use with Black Friday sales.
This launched an analysis on how press releases are being used locally and to measure its success.
The article shows the analysis and the positive results.

Press Release and News Online Presence

Authority Rank 1-100URLDescriptionIndexed PagesRanking KeywordsTraffic / month
85businesswire.comPress Releases10.4 M3.6 M3.3 M
84prnewswire.comPress Releases6.6 M5.1 M4.8 M
81globenewswire.comPress Releases7.3 M1.7 M2.2 M
78prweb.comPress Releases3.7 M1.4 M290 k
85bloomberg.comNews10 M7.1 M51 M
83bizjournals.comNews8.2 M4.7 M2.3 M
86wsj.comNews14 M5.7 M34 M
85forbes.comNews8.7 M14 M81 M
85businessinsider.comNews18.7 M13.4 M82 M
80fortune.comNews1.1 M2.1 M5.6 M
87cnn.comNews25 M11 M165 M M204 k1.1 M k38 k86 k

The table shows that Press Release and News website have high Authority Rank and high traffic.
Getting a link from any of them would boost your website traffic fast.
If a Press Release syndicated across several news sites then you website would skyrocket.

No. 1 Google Ranking Press Releases

Keyword: black friday sale computer chair

Keyword Difficulty: 52

Keyword: ssd wd green tbw (solid state hard drive)

Keyword Difficulty: 31

Keyword: samsung galaxy s6 black friday sales (tablet)

Keyword Difficulty: 50
Several tablet models listed with links.

Keyword: home gym deals

Keyword Difficulty: 60
Several gym equipment models with links to multiple suppliers.

Local Press Release Examples

(BUSINESS WIRE) - 5 Oct 2021
Global company
479 backlinks from
4 backlinks from
KBR has backlinks from 25 Press Release / News Wire services.
KBR has 127k Organic traffic per month with no paid Google ads.

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - 29 Nov 2021
Press release links to:
Oct 2021 traffic:238
Nov 2021 traffic:324
(36% growth in 1 month)

(BUSINESS WIRE) - 15 Nov 2021
Same topic:
Same topic:

Press Release Conclusion

Press Releases can be used for sales.
Press Releases have been used in Townsville and Queensland for quick success.
Some Press Releases do syndicate across multiple News providers.
Large companies are using several Press Release services.

Press Release Next Steps

Know your existing online presence.
Know your keywords for business growth.
Can Press Releases be used for a new customer channel for your business?

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Secrets Of Press Release - How To Boost Your Online Presence Fast