Select your niche market and target market

Many people start their own business because they are passionate about a topic that they know very well.
When starting your own business, it is important to select a niche that you can be successful in and also enjoy doing.
There are many different factors to consider when selecting a popular business niche.
In this web page, we will explore how to go about picking the right one for you by looking at some of the most popular niches available today.

What is niche marketing?

Niche marketing is the practice of seeking out and focusing on a specific segment of the market for your product or business.
It is working within that niche to deliver superior products or services that meet their needs, rather than trying to mass-market something broadly.

141 Niche Markets Table

This shows the magazine categories and sub categories count from
Look for niche topics with 3 or more count.
You can quickly confirm how popular a niche is based on how many magazines it can support.

CategorySub CategoryMagazine Count
Animals & PetsBird Enthusiast3
Animals & PetsFarming Animals9
Animals & PetsFish & Reptile2
Animals & PetsHorse Enthusiasts5
Animals & PetsPet Lovers12
Animals & PetsWildlife Animals15
Antique & CollectiblesAntique Collectibles4
Antique & CollectiblesAntique Collectors4
Antique & CollectiblesClassic Vehicle Collectors6
Antique & CollectiblesCoins & Stamps Collectors1
Antique & CollectiblesDolls Toys & Games Collectors6
Antique & CollectiblesSports Collectibles7
Art & PhotographyArt Interests10
Art & PhotographyFine Arts Instruction4
Art & PhotographyGraphic Arts1
Art & PhotographyPhotography Entusiasts4
Art & PhotographyTatoo Artists1
Auto & CyclesCars Enthusiasts15
Auto & CyclesCycling Enthusiasts5
Auto & CyclesMotorsports10
Auto & CyclesTrains3
Auto & CyclesTrucks3
Business & FinanceAccounting2
Business & FinanceBusiness and Finance32
Business & FinanceBusiness Leadership1
Business & FinanceEngineering3
Business & FinanceGovernment5
Business & FinanceHuman Resources1
Business & FinanceLegal2
Business & FinancePersonal Finance8
Business & FinanceSales & Marketing10
Business & FinanceWholesale-Retail20
ChildrenEducational Preschool13
ChildrenKids Magazines25
Comic BooksComic Book18
Computers & ElectronicsAudio & Video9
Computers & ElectronicsComputer & Internet8
Computers & ElectronicsElectronics6
Cooking Food & BeverageBeer9
Cooking Food & BeverageCooking & Food28
Cooking Food & BeverageHealth & Weight Loss35
CraftsArt & Decor4
CraftsJewelry & Beadwork1
CraftsSewing & Needlework15
EducationLanguage Arts Educational1
EducationMathematics Educational1
EnrichmentPolitical & Social18
Entertainment & TVCelebrity Entertainment17
Entertainment & TVMusic Entertainment6
Entertainment & TVOther Entertainment3
Entertainment & TVTV & Movie Entertainment8
Entertainment & TVVideo Gaming3
EthnicCulture & Heritage12
EthnicHispanic Culture7
EthnicNon-English Titles3
Fashion & StyleBridal1
Fashion & StyleFashion11
Fashion & StyleHairstyle2
Fashion & StyleTeen Style1
Health & FitnessDiet & Nutrition4
Health & FitnessFitness Enthusiasts9
Health & FitnessHealth Conditions4
Health & FitnessHealthy Living17
HobbiesArts & Crafts21
HobbiesCoin Collecting1
HobbiesPuzzles & Games46
HobbiesSci-Fi & Mystery6
HobbiesToys & Collectibles7
HobbiesWoodworking & Machining11
Home & GardeningDo-it-yourself9
Home & GardeningHome48
Home & GardeningHome & Design19
Home & GardeningHome Gardening18
Home & GardeningInterior Design & Architecture11
HumorComics & Cartoons1
InternationalUnited Kingdom7
JournalsGeneral Interest1
JournalsMedical Reference6
LifestyleAdventure Lifestyle10
LifestyleInernational Living21
LifestyleLifestyle & Leisure101
LifestyleReal Estate & Home Building17
LifestyleTravel & Vacations77
Local & RegionalMidwest Region19
Local & RegionalNortheast Region23
Local & RegionalSoutheast Region39
Local & RegionalSouthwest Region12
Local & RegionalWest Region24
MedicalMedical Conditions5
MedicalMedical Journals33
MedicalMedical Professionals6
Men'sAuto Enthusiasts25
Men'sMen's Health & Fitness4
Men'sMen's Lifestyle24
Men'sOutdoor Enthusiasts40
Men'sSports & Athletics20
MusicClassical & Opera1
MusicInstrument & Performers11
MusicJazz & Blues2
MusicMusic News9
MusicRock Hard Rock & Heavy Metal2
News & Political National & International Current Events22
News & Political Newspapers1
News & Political Political 19
NewspapersBusiness & Finance1
NewspapersEthnic Interest2
NewspapersLocal & Regional1
NewspapersNews and Political 4
NewspapersReligious News1
ParentingDifferently Abled Lifestyle2
ReligionKids Magazines & Teens Magazine6
ReligionMinistry 3
ReligionReligious Lifestyle20
ReligionReligious News6
Science & NatureEnvironmental11
Science & NatureNature15
Science & NatureScience Enthusiasts17
Sports & RecreationAviation6
Sports & RecreationBoating7
Sports & RecreationGolf3
Sports & RecreationHunting & Fishing42
Sports & RecreationScuba Diving & Skiing3
Sports & RecreationSports28
TeenComic Book18
TeenDance Cheer & Gynastics1
TeenTeen Gaming1
TeenTeen Life7
Women'sBridal Magazines & Weddings9
Women'sBridal & Weddings1
Women'sHome Magazines & Cooking40
Women'sPregnancy & Family2
Women'sWomen's Health7
Women'sWomen's Interests52
Totals: 35 Categories141 Sub Categories1760 Magazines

Niche Market FAQ

How can I find niche market to start a business?

There are two different approaches for niche market research that can be taken.
The first approach is to focus on industry trends that might offer a potential niche opportunity given some new insights, and then try to identify an area within those trends from which a new business could be started.
Matching the emerging trend with its appropriate industry and exploring what has been innovated by people in the field with regard to this trend may lead you to something unique and new.

The next approach is targeted at finding opportunities with varying degrees of competitiveness so as not to waste time or resources on something too difficult or costly.

What are ways to dominate/market to a niche market?

A niche market is a term used for segments of consumers who share some specific characteristic, such as the industry they work in, or that they prefer organic produce.
In order to dominate or promote a product on a niche market, marketers should consider trailing trends amongst the group of people you are going after and improve your products accordingly.
Additionally, if targeting a niche market with high incomes you will have greater success if you use targeted marketing - microtargeted advertisements about the benefits of your product over your competitor's goods - without resorting to more expensive modes of advertising like radio or TV.

What are the advantages of a niche market?

A niche market is a subset of the larger population that has particular interests that are different from those in the overall market.
It offers reduced competition and can create niche marketing opportunities for marketers.
There are advantages to this type of approach, but there are also disadvantages associated with it.

The main advantage to having a niche is competition—the smaller your target audience becomes, the less likely there will be any other servicers or brands competing for their attention/money since they specialize in an area no one else will venture into.
Alongside this, another key advantage is you're able to tailor your service to offer something just unique enough without alienating customers elsewhere.

What's the difference between target market and niche market?

As you can develop your marketing strategy, it is important to identify which of the three markets best suits your company.
You want to choose a "target market"—the group of people most likely to buy products like yours.

Target Market: The target audience is most often the largest, dominant demographic that consumes products or services most frequently within a given location or region.

Niche Market: A niche audience (sub-culture) shares common demographic characteristics but also has additional specialized interests in certain subjects; for example, surfers may constitute one niche market while fitness enthusiasts constitute another.

Offering to Your Target Market and Niche Markets: You will need to research demographics associated with market segments outside of your target market in order assign appropriate marketing messages and imagery to each.

How do I identify the target market or niche market of a product?

You can only know the target market of a product by looking at which segment of society it is designed to appeal.
In order to choose a niche, you need to know what needs your potential customers have that are not being met by other products on the market.
You should also include a list of who your ideal customer might be - this will make specific targeting much easier.

A lot of people entering new markets go after going too big too fast and end up with unsustainable business models.
Identifying a smaller niche lets you fill the gap in their desire for an improved product or service without spending all your resources trying to satisfy mass-market expectations.

How do you do SEO for niche markets?

SEO for niche markets entails the use of specific keywords in targeted, high-quality content.
Keyword research is an important part of any SEO campaign, especially when it comes to determining what keywords the target audience includes in search queries.

Trying to add a keyword that does not have a significant number of monthly searches will not increase your site's rankings, since Google ranks pages based on relevance rather than just popular demand.
The focus should be on getting the best possible results from targeted key phrases that elicit common words from real people searching for a solution to a problem.
Acquiring broad traffic will come naturally through better rankings and increased searches over time as more people learn about your business and need your products or services.

What must an entrepreneur do to identify a niche in the market?

In order to identify a niche in the market, you first need to know your audience.
This includes defining their demographic profile and what they value.
Once you have a clear idea of who you will be serving, your business idea usually depends on the needs of this particular niche.
Next, it's important to do research about possible marketing strategies that align with this business idea;find out how profitable that market is; and search for any pain points or frustrations that it might address.
By combining these three things (business idea, audience, and budget), most entrepreneurs turn up flourishing solutions for serving an underserved subset of the population!

After picking a profitable niche, what should be the next step?

A profitable niche is one that is specific, has low competition, and high search volume.
Factors to consider are using google trends to check what people are looking for the most.
With the help of tools like google keyword planner, this will make finding your niche easy work.
You want a really sparse list of keywords that all have good search volume but not 100s of thousands or millions per year because then you're competing with everyone else trying to do what you're doing!

Niche Market and Target Market Conclusion

You may have a topic that you are passionate about and know everything there is to know.
If this sounds like you, it’s time to start your own business!
We recommend starting with what we call a “niche-based strategy.”
This means picking an industry or niche within the larger market of any given product or service.
Take some time now to explore which niches might make sense for you based on your skillsets and passions, then take the next step by making sure they will be profitable in today’s economy.
Keep reading our web pages for more tips on how to find success as an entrepreneur!
Which popular business niche did we just cover?

Select your niche market and target market. 141 Choices.