New Customer Secrets Framework

New Customer Secrets Framework

(My 6 Step Strategy For Creating New Customer Channels!)

Presented by Matthew Bulat

Let me tell you a quick story…

  • There I was, a operations manager trying to test online content.
  • The thing is, at the time I was knowing the unwritten rules of SEO.
  • The big problem was that online sales fails without good content. That meant online product had poor sales, which online income failing.
  • Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
  • I had a brainstorm about creating specific content can drive traffic to more sales !
  • Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to create content using customer keywords creates more traffic for sales, because I saw business could scale with content creation.
  • My plan was to start putting more content online before the buy button.
  • So I started creating a content cluster around my product topic. But we didn’t stop there.
  • We then created resources and tools around my product topic.
  • After that, we leveraged keywords and copywriting for growth.
  • Building on that success, we decided to create systems using keywords and copywriting for other businesses.
  • We call it “New Customer Secrets Framework”.
  • With New Customer Secrets Framework I can now reach over 1 million users each year!
  • And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

Big Picture Strategy For Creating New Customer Channels:

  • Your Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Your Ideal Customer Online
  • Your Business Online Baseline
  • Product Market Fit
  • Quick Online Presence
  • Top 3+ Ideal Customer Channels

Your Ideal Customer Avatar

  • What are your ideal customer pains, problems, roadblocks, objections
  • What are you ideal customer goals, desired results, jobs to complete

Your Ideal Customer Online

  • What does your ideal customer search for online
  • Which social media channels do they use most

Your Business Online Baseline

  • How can ideal customers find your business online now
  • Do you have statistics on customer acquisitions

Product Market Fit

  • What are the most popular phrases used by your ideal customers
  • How can customer keywords link to your products and service benefits

Quick Online Presence

  • Google My Business (Google Maps)
  • LinkedIn Business Page
  • Facebook Business Page

Top 3+ Ideal Customer Channels

  • Align your online presence with your ideal customer channels
  • Build out your customer channels

Examples Of This Framework In Action:

  • Using Google Display Ads to get 1000 ad impressions and 10 website clicks for every $3 spent
  • Using Facebook Lead ads to gain prospect name and emails for $6 each
  • Creating a website with 500+ pieces of content with over 3000 users per day

Conclusion / Final Thoughts:

  • You can improve your Lead Generation
  • Your customer channels should align with your ideal customer favourites

Next Steps:

  • Define your ideal customer avatar in detail
  • Refine your product market fit
  • Build out your favourite customer channels for more leads, customers and business success