Facebook One Click Video Conferencing

Facebook has introduced one click video conferencing available from desktop or laptop computers on 6 July 2011.
This will allow some of the 750 million users to easily get access to video conferencing.
Skype is embedded into Facebook to provide the video conferencing.
NBN will make the video conferencing a high quality experience.

Other new features of interest include instant adhoc message Group chat and dynamic user interface dependant on screen resolution.
Below is a extract video of the new feature announcement. Further down the page is a summary of the video.
Video timing: 05:55 Conference Start, 18:39 Private Communication Channels, 23:40 In depth Facebook new features, 26:40 Demo of Facebook Video calling, 31:00 Skype CEO speaks, 34:00 Conclusion, 35:30 Questions and Answers, 52:45 Finish.

Group Chat

This is instant messaging of a adhoc subset of your facebook friends. Which friends are online currently are listed. Both online and offline friends can be part of the group. Offline group friends will see the text entries later. This is also available to mobile users.

New User Interface for wide screens

Wide computer screen users will be able to see a list of online and ofline friends in a column window on the right.

One Click Video Calling

Facebook Video Calling button

Friends online can start as a chat but can change into a video conference in one click. If mini Skype plug-in is not present you are prompted to Approve the app, it automatically downloads and launches into video conference. Both parties have to agree to the video conference for it to begin. Download time from no plug in to in video conference is expected to be less that 30 seconds. Peer to peer networking protocols are in use for the video conferencing.

Use the NBN to your advantage.