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National Broadband Introduction

  • How will the NBN be rolled out in Australia?
  • How will the NBN affect business sectors?
  • Where is Australia placed against worldwide fibre broadband rollouts?
  • What new business activities could take advantage of the faster broadband?

How is the NBN being rolled out?

  • How does the NBN fibre get to your premesis?
  • What is involved in planning a regions fibre rollout?
  • What are the fibre network advantages that assist North Queensland?

How can the Internet help business?

  • What does fast broadband enable business to do better?
  • What are some practical examples of business productivity improvement?
  • Why does Townsville have a extra competitive advantage?
fast Internet connected world

Fast Broadband Government Resources for Business

  • What will full participation in the digital economy achieve?
  • How can business get online and improve thier online presence?
  • What training is available at a business and individual level?
Dept. Broadband, Communication and Digital Economy

Fast Broadband, the world and NBN

  • How does Australia compare on broadband with the world?
  • How can collaboration be improved with low latency?
  • What new business could Townsville be involved with the NBN?
fast broadband and business

Townsville Smarter Cities update

  • What did the Townsville Smarter Cities program roadmap reveal?
  • Where are the Townsville challenges moving forward?
  • How can ICT help Townsville now?
people and information network for sustainability

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Use the NBN to your advantage.