Advanced Video Conference Collaboration

  • What can now be achieved with Video Conferencing applications?

  • What are the new video over NBN broadband advantages?

  • How can video conferencing be used in business?

Modern Video Conferencing Features

Video conferencing applications can now perform mutliple video feeds, multiple audio feeds, shared PC screen, shared whiteboard, common chat session, audience feedback questions, upload video clips, upload reference documents, upload Internet Links and recording. Conferences can be planned ahead in terms of invitations with links to join, events during conference and reference materials. After the video conference is finished the recording can be used on a website, as a DVD or a podcast. The audience only need an Internet browser to participate.

Video over NBN broadband advantages

NBN broadband speeds allow 6 site video conferencing plus even more audio/chat sites to collaborate together. Conferences can be planned and actioned quicker from multiple regions than physical meetings. Compared to physical meetings there are savings in travel time, accomadation, flights and taxis. The audience now includes the physical participants, the remote live audience and those playing the conference later. Guest speaker knowledge is recorded and available for reuse. NBN boardband speeds can help to have no break or delay when video conferencing. Up to 4 high defintion video conferencing solutions can be run simultaneously from 1 NBN fibre connection. Up to a theoretical 100 VOIP audio feeds can be run from 1 NBN fibre connection. The high NBN upload speeds can support video multicasting which allows for many people viewing a single video feed.

Video Conferencing use in Business

Video conferencing can now be used in many fields. How will you use it when NBN provides the broadband speed around Townsville in 2011?

  • Global elearning for companies and educators.
  • Remote participation and knowledge gathering at events, recorded in real time.
  • Distributed Professional Development
  • Administration communication and collaboration.
  • More effective use of educators time through recording and playback.
  • Real time feedback using multiple choice questions. Test content comprehension.
  • Customer presentations and interactions can be done remotely.
  • Employees can participate in training using home broadband.
  • Create training materials for a potential global audience.
  • Multiple campuses can use video conferencing to supply a distributed student population.
  • IT departments can used recorded PC sessions for software education and presentation purposes.
  • Reduce travel needs and lost productivity time for travel. No travel fatigue.
  • Save on transport, accomadation, meals, venue hire and printing.
  • Distribute supporting electronic documents with the video conference.
  • Improve staff retention with online training opportunities.
  • Face to face learning and online learning can be blended as required.

The above information describes a product called Elluminate. Other video conferencing software applications exist.

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Use the NBN to your advantage.