Australian National Broadband Network Uses in Small Business

What are the possibilities of NBN in Small Business? See 7 video case studies below.

NBN planned use at a winery

  • Sells to many overseas countries
  • Allow wineries to share growing information and collaborate.
  • Remote wine tasting. Samples at remote site plus video conferencing.
  • Allow remote users to see the winery live.

Berry Growing Group Company with NBN

  • Communicate with international customers better.
  • Make better decision with knowledge of the global berry industry in real time.
  • Attract staff to regional areas with excellent Internet connectivity.
  • Allow for professional development for over 2000 staff across Australia.
  • Integrate networked advanced sensors in the fields for greater growing insights.
  • Reduce travel requirements to conduct business.
  • Australian technology and science can be applied to overseas markets more easily.
  • Stable communications across Australia.

Online Fashion Retailing planning for NBN

  • Current online competition is worldwide.
  • Interactive and rich media in retailing is the winning formula.
  • Content Management System (website) is continually updating.
  • Ordering system comes via the Internet.
  • Current regional Internet connection has drop outs.
  • Desires for online entering of measurements to see 3D images of garments.
  • If customers can see how a garment will look like online it reduces the trial and error sizing issues.
  • Sample catwalk video with garments in motion add to the user experience.
  • Return online customers have a known size and preferences that can help with future suggestions.

Dairy Farm and Cheese Manufacturer ideas for fast broadband

  • Video conferencing from regional area to customers saves time and money.
  • Business to business video conferencing is good to show new products etc.
  • Learn the buyers needs and share product samples remotely.
  • Virtual tour of farm, shop of factory could be given.
  • Working with industry overseas can be more colaborative with NBN.
  • Remote salesforce can be deployed and multimedia information sharing possible

Architects uses of fast broadband

  • Cloud applications and backup speed are expected to improve with NBN.
  • File sharing using the cloud to clients and stakeholders can be quicker with NBN.
  • Remote client visual collaboration could occur in real time saving on travel costs.
  • Builder to architect collaboration resolution speed can be improved to the same day.
  • Whiteboard sharing of sketches over the Internet can be used to gain understanding of clients needs.
  • Arhitects can work together on larger projects across virtual offices.

Specialised Image processing company

  • Regional workforce is more stable and cost less.
  • All media comes in via broadband (millions per year).
  • Digital files are getting bigger and congestion near Christmas is apparent.
  • Current bandwidth is a limitation on growth.
  • NBN will allow access to remote special skilled staff.
  • More business can set up in regional areas with NBN.
  • Regional workforce do not have to worry about commute times.

Ebay, e-commerce and the NBN

  • 10 million Australians are shopping online with computers and smartphones.
  • Online product comparisons and pricing can be gained quickly.
  • Business can trade online with reduced rent costs and marketing costs.
  • Ebay largest 2000 Australian businesses grew 38% on average in 2010.
  • NBN can allow business to upload greater detailed multimedia information to help customers.
  • NBN can be used to keep local businesses competitive with a global market.

NBN for Video Editing business from home (European example)

  • How is fibre to the home used in Europe for video editing?
  • NBN allows video producers to access skills across Europe.
  • Move original film content to distant production crews.
  • Video conference to colaborate while editing.
  • Eliminate previous wasted time moving video and people to complete a video.

What other uses for NBN can you think of? Leverage the cheap cost of computing processing power, cheap computer storage and cheap Internet bandwidth to create a 21st century style business.
The video is part of the NBN Government YouTube channel.

Use the NBN to your advantage.