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Australian NBN Connected Users in Small Business

What is business doing with the NBN now? See video case studies and descriptions below.

NBN Connected regional purely online Business

  • Reaches global markets from regional town.
  • Faster Reliable access to Internet gained.
  • Multiple people are using the Internet at the same time quickly.
  • Online video is now clear without breaks.
  • No more issues with large file size transfers.

NBN Connected Newsagent in Townsville

  • VOIP telephony is now clear as a bell.
  • Prepaid phone card credit purchase via the cash register authorising extremely fast now.
  • Business processes across the Internet is much faster now.
  • Internet cafe new revenue stream created.

NBN Connected flora ecoTourism

  • Higher detailed information from region can attract more eco tourism.
  • Better quality photos can be exchanged with researchers, journalists and universities.
  • Better collaboration to confirm identify of flora species.
  • Quick access to city based database and catalogue systems.
  • Regional workers have city like connection qualities to be productive.
  • Regional based web servers are now possible.

NBN Connected Regional Interpreter and Teacher

  • Improve efficiency of time used online.
  • 3 party video conferencing now clear.
  • Allows for global video conferencing sourced from regional Australia.
  • Research of new terminology over the Internet is much quicker.

NBN Connection Regional Local Government

  • External Education possibilities improve with NBN attracting people to regional Australia.
  • Video conferencing with remote specialists improves local medical operations and diagnosis speeds.
  • With the extra speed email runs quicker, Internet is faster and VOIP telephony is clearer. This reduces costs to business.
  • Reduces the need to travel great distances for meeting by using video conferencing.

NBN connected homes for health benefits

  • Video conferencing over the NBN is clear enough for lip reading ability for the deaf. They reduces the need for 3rd parties.
  • Video conferencing can be used internationally.
  • NBN is not subject to issues of afternoon and evening peak loading of the Internet in terms of video freezes etc.
  • NBN Internet connection speed make video conferencing setup quicker and easier.

NBN used for remote research and new ways to do business

  • Collaboration of worldwide projects is easier with NBN Internet connection speeds.
  • NBN brings Internet application abilities work at home to function like being on the Universities network.
  • Affordable regional research and data collection options are possible with the NBN fibre / wireless / satelite.
  • Newer methods to study the environment will be possible going decades into the future.
  • 21st Century industry will be transformed by IT. e.g. Remote controlled mining and instrumentation.

NBN connections for e-Commerce

  • Online retail is a current growth opportunity for business.
  • Online customers want rich content, 360 degree product views, video and speedy online experience. NBN allows for this.
  • Online retail and home delivery is useful for time poor consumers.
  • Product options are larger and comparison shopping is possible.
  • The cost of online business entry is low and failure rate is also lower.
  • Australia needs to keep up and hopefully surpass international e-Commerce competition.

Regional in home health care provisioning

  • NBN connected patients will have more options for health care.
  • Allow patients to monitor conditions from home with uploading to health care professionals.
  • Patients can stay in home longer.
  • GP and Family Video conferencing to home adds to the social support services.
  • Aged care and nursing homes can also use NBN connected benefits.
  • There are business opportunities preparing premises for NBN and health technologies.

What other uses for NBN can you think of? Leverage the cheap cost of computing processing power, cheap computer storage and cheap Internet bandwidth to create a 21st century style business.
The video is part of the NBN Government YouTube channel.

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Use the NBN to your advantage.