NBN Business Plan - What can be done now?

Are you prepared for the NBN? Do you have your online plans in place?

Business getting up to speed with NBN
  • How can the NBN help my business?
  • How are customers on the NBN going to benefit?
  • Where can new efficiency be gained?
  • What is needed for the NBN? Are you ready?
  • What are the business consequences if you avoid changing for the NBN?

How can the NBN help my business?

Improve productivity with a much faster Internet connection.
Email can be downloaded to read quicker including HTML and images.
Information based services that depend on the Internet can be completed quicker. e.g. Online accounting, computer based design, marketing.
More tele working options can exist including computing and telephony from home or while traveling.
Transactions can be completed quicker. e.g. EFTPOS, Business to Business transactions, payment clearance services.
Business can scale up much bigger without reaching telecommunication limits.
Global customers can reach your business.

How are customers on the NBN going to benefit?

Richer Internet services can be provided to customers including high definition pictures and video.
Can your customers interact with your business across the Internet 24/7? e.g. booking services, buying products, paying bills.
Does your website have video showcasing your products and services? This could include how-to video and case studies.
Does your website cater to all the steps of the buying process. Recognition of need, researching, refinement, purchase, delivery.
Your hosted website can provide rich services for NBN customers even before you have a NBN connection.

Where can new efficiency be gained?

VOIP telephony can save on telephony hardware on premises, line rental and call costs. VOIP can be used on multiple sites acting as one.
Cloud services can be used instead on onsite hardware like servers. This can also save on space, electricity and cooling.
Can video conferencing save on travel costs and travel time? e.g. See distant clients, remote training, remote business advisors etc.
Distant service providers can work with you to help with business growth. .e.g. External contractors, specialists etc.

What is needed for the NBN?

Is your business network capable of handling Gigabit Ethernet networking?
Is your router capable of handling a Gigabit Ethernet WAN connection to the NBN?
If you are considering VOIP telephony can your network be updated to include Power Over Ethernet (POE) network switches with Quality of Service (QoS) features.
Does your network have protected power (UPS)?
Review your business processes for a NBN connection in mind. Is you online business plan up to date?

Business fast communication connections with NBN Fibre optic speed with NBN

What are the business consequences if you avoid changing for the NBN?

Once your competition adapts with the NBN and gains more efficiencies, those that don't may be left behind.
The NBN may introduce new ways of operations that could leapfrog ahead of others .e.g. Quicker e-learning and quicker project collaboration.
NBN connected businesses can work together as a group to tender for bigger projects. e.g. Builders and architects.
Digital/information businesses can operate on a global stage easier with a NBN connection. Much larger files can be handled.
Remote control and monitoring of regional enterprises like mining and agriculture can now be acheived with NBN fibre/wireless/satelite.