Customer segment research for analysis, strategy and implementation.

The Main Idea Of These Tips Is: Customer Research In Depth For Entrepreneurs.

One thing is for sure, You Gain Marketplace Understanding Fast.

What's most important about this Customer Research list is that Helps Speed Up Product Development.

This will help you because poor research leads to unsuccessful products.

Tip # 1 - Marketplace Research

  • Which competitors show up in Google searches for your product niche?
  • Are there Google ads showing in a Google search and from which competitors?
  • At the bottom of the search what are Searches related to product niche?

Tip # 2 - Customer Research

  • What Google search questions are being asked by your customers?
  • What mistakes are being addressed by a Google search?
  • What Facebook Groups exist around your product niche?

Tip # 3 - Product Market Fit

  • How does your product show up on Pinterest in pictures?
  • How does your product niche show up on Amazon?
  • What are the search phrases around your product in Answer The Public?

So the next step for you here is to Perform the research to gain product market fit.

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Customer Segment Research In Depth for Entrepreneurs