Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing for customers If you're one of the small businesss who seriously wants to gain new customer channels, then this messenger chatbot tip list holds the keys you need to succeed.

The Bottom Line Of These Tips Is: Chatbot Automations Help Business.
The main idea for everyone with this is that chatbots help with marketing, sales and support.

So, here's what this means to you. create new automated lead generation and product support.

Don't neglect this because chatbots create real time competitive advantage and higher return on investment.

Tip # 1 - Website Customer Chat

  • Provide real time conversation flow with customers for sales
  • Provide real time conversation flow with customers for support
  • User keywords can be identified for specific responses
  • Allow unresolved conversation messages to be left for humans to respond

Tip # 2 - Lead Generation Landing Page

  • Create a full page Lead Generation form
  • Facebook provides the name and email for your list
  • Visitors can be lead to a conversation flow with a Lead Magnet download link

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Tip # 3 - Facebook Comments

  • Create automatic responses to Facebook post comments
  • Conversation flows can be started from a comment
  • Interactive user names and emails are collected automatically

Facebook Post Add a comment for automatic reply.

Tip # 4 - Messenger Links

  • URL to go directly to a Messenger conversation flow
  • URL can be a website link or button
  • QR code of the URL can be used by smartphones
  • QR code can be used on business cards

Matthewb Use Technology Efficietly Messenger Welcome Message and Menu

Matthewb Use Technology Efficietly Messenger 2 Business , Marketing, IT Quiz

Bookstore Shopping Amazon shopping example.

Chatbot Messenger QR Code

Tip # 5 - Facebook Ad For Messenger

  • Facebook Ad can go to Messenger conversation flow
  • Users who click Start button enables name and email collection
  • Facebook Messenger ads are generally cheaper with higher engagement rates

At this point you should definitely check which chatbot works for your business.

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