3 Business Competition Mistakes - 2

Mistake #1: No Marketplace Analysis

The quick idea on this is assuming that you know all your competitors.

If you make this mistake missing potential competitors from your growth plan strategy.

Avoiding this mistake is critical for business competition success because it can lead to potential failure of your business strategy.

So the next step for you here is to identify at least 10 of your biggest competitors.

Mistake #2: No Industry Keywords Analysis

The important thing to understand with this is knowing the words used by your ideal customers.

What's most important about avoiding this mistake is that it can lead to not reaching all your potential ideal customers.

Avoiding this mistake is critical to every business owner's success with business competition because it can lose market share.

So now you need to get 100's of keyword phrases in your industry including search volumes.

Mistake #3: Creating Content Without Keyword Analysis

This means that making content without research.

So, this means content without keywords will get close to zero traffic.

Avoiding this mistake is important because if you don't, content creation efforts will be a waste of time and money.

And that leads us to the fact that you should create content strategically using keyword phrases where you can have top 10 rankings.

Learning to avoid these business competition mistakes helps you find a new confidence as you try to be an industry leader. Going through and really understanding the solutions to these 3 mistakes will help any business owner avoid having to attempt trial and error growth and skip past all the existing market leaders who want to kill your dreams.

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3 Business Competition Mistakes