Arduino 4 relay shield
Arduino sensor shield v4

Arduino shields popularity by descending sales from

PopularityDescriptionCost US $
14 relay shield - 5 volt coil, 10 amp 250 volt contacts1.95
21 relay shield - 5 volt coil, 10 amp 250 volt contacts0.60
316 channel servo motor driver1.86
4Arduino Nano expansion board. Nano plugs into board surrounded by 3x pins1.20
5W5100 Ethernet shield6.70
6Arduino UNO shield with small breadboard 10 x 17 sockets, 5 V, Gnd rails1.29
72 relay shield - 5 volt coil, 10 amp 250 volt contacts0.88
8L293D Motor Drive Shield dual1.85
92 x 16 character LCD Keypad Shield LCD1602 + 6 buttons2.50
10Arduino sensor shield V51.04
11SIM900 GPRS/GSM Shield Development Board Quad-Band, mobile comms16.00
12Arduino Multi-functional Expansion Development Board Base 4 LCD, buttons, temperature, buzzer.2.75
13Screw terminals shield with vero board holes over centre2.48
14Arduino sensor shield V4 - 6 side entry sensor sockets1.28
153D Printer parts A4988 Driver CNC Shield Expansion Board2.09
16Nano V3 Ethernet Shield ENC28J604.95
17SD card shield2.36
18Arduino MEGA 2560 Sensor Shield V1.0 V2.0, 72 x 3 pin sensors headers1.82
19Prototype shield with double sided PCB copper holes grid0.99
20Screw Shield V2 Stud Terminal expansion board (double support) for arduino UNO R3. Arduino headers directly to screw terminals.2.30
21MP3 audio shield board. Headphone out, microphone in, Micro SD card socket. Audio codecs in VS1053 chip.5.51
22Engraver CNC Shield Board with 4 stepper motor drivers7.68
238 relay shield - 5 volt coil, 10 amp 250 volt contacts4.22
24ESP8266 ESP-12E UART WIFI Wireless Shield6.15
253.2 inch TFT touch screen shield for Arduino Mega24.28
26Joystick shield and 4 buttons2.45
27MCP2515 Can Bus Shield Board Module SUB-D Connector, daisy chain communications (often used in cars)8.90
28Motor/Stepper/Servo/Robot Shield for Arduino I2C v2. 2 x 1.2 amp max. stepper motors per board. 5 bit ID, 32 board stackable.   7.00
2930A Mini VNH2SP30 Stepper Motor Driver3.50
30XBee Shield V03 Module Wireless Control. Communications board socket.1.99
31RFID NFC PN532 Shield IC Card. RFID tag / Smartphone sensor.15.80
32MIDI Shield Musical Breakout Board Instrument Digital Interface Adapter7.37
33Mega prototype shield with mini breadboard1.73
344 relays 10A 250V, 4 character LCD display, 4 isolated 5/12/24 V inputs, 4 buttons, Arduino Mini socket13.99
35Prototype shield double sided with screw terminals2.43
36USB Host shield8.38
37Yun Shield v2.4 All-in-one Shield, Ethernet, WiFi, micro SD card socket30.00
38Multi-purpose Shield V1 for arduino starter, temperature, humidity, infrared, light sensor, switches, LEDs, rotation input, buzzer9.99
39Long distance wireless 433/868/915Mhz Lora Shield. Set frequency on order. Needs a SMA antenna.17.90
40Nano shield with microSD card socket and real time clock with battery backup3.92
41Xbee / RS232 / RS485 communications shield2.70
42Arduino shield for Raspberry Pi5.90
43Xbee shield with Bluetooth communications board6.90
443 x 3 button keypad labelled 1 to 9.2.86
45GPS shield with antenna and microSD card socket14.30
46Shield with 21 Linker sensor sockets4.62
474 relays 3 amp 250 volt and Xbee communications socket4.76
4816  relay shield - 5 volt coil, 10 amp 250 volt contacts11.25
49Biofeedback ECG shield with 3 skin electrodes27.90
50Large capacitive touch 12 button shield2.65
518 x8 lattice LED display shield14.80