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IoT TypeDescriptionUsesIoT Link
Amazon Echo Show Voice activated assistant with video conferencing Request information, video conferencing, control IoT devices. Amazon Echo Show voice and video communications
Amazon Echo Dot Voice activated assistant (called Echo or Alexa) Request information, voice calls, control IoT devices. E.g. 'Alexa, read my Kindle book', 'Alexa, set alarm for 6 AM', 'Alexa, switch on bedroom light', 'Alexa, add milk to shopping list' Amazon Echo Dot voice recognition
Google Chromecast WiFi to HDMI media device for TV Control digital multimedia content to your TV using your smartphone, tablet for computer. Duplicate computer monitor on a TV. Queue YouTube videos to display in sequence on TV. Chromecast digital media converter for TV
Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit IoT hub, one IoT powerpoint controller, one motion detector, 2 multipurpose sensors (movement/tilt/temperature) e.g. door Start a Home automation system. Expand with multiple Samsung compatible devices. e.g. Locks , lights, security cameras. Samsung smart home devices hub
Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit Light controller hub and 2 light bulbs Control lighting using smartphone, Amazon Alexa or Apple Home Phillips smart controllable light bulbs
Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation Household smart temperature control Control the temperate by a schedule, smartphone, tablet, computer, Amazon Echo or Google Home. Nest remote controllable thermostat
Smappee Home Energy Monitor Solar Energy and Solar monitor Can work with 1 and 3 phase systems. 6 current clamp sensors provided. Wifi output. Apps for reporting. Appliance energy profiles gathered. Wireless house solar and energy sensor and monitor

IoT Business

IoT TypeDescriptionUsesIoT Link
Three Phase Efergy Elite Power Monitor Three 200 Amp Current sensors. Wireless display with Ethernet. Reports via apps. Measure building 3 phase power usage every 6 seconds and log results. Try energy efficiency experiments in real time.
Zmodo 8 WiFi camera security system 4 indoor and 4 outdoor WiFi security cameras with night vision and motion detection. 500 GB (45 days) of recording. Apps and software. Frame rate is reduced when no motion is detected. Can set up notifications. Smartphone can access cameras feeds remotely. Wifi home security with cameras and storage
Industrial of Things (IIoT) Communication Server ICP DAS ICP-UA-5231 Server with Linux, Gigabit Ethernet, RS232, RS485 Wired networking to sensors and actuators. Monitoring with SCADA plant monitoring software. industrial plant control server computer

IoT Healthcare

IoT TypeDescriptionUsesIoT Link
Fitbit Charge 2 Wristband with continuous heartrate, steps, calories, sleep monitor. 5 day battery life. Apps for reports. Collect health data over a long period. Guided breathing suggestion after a workout. Fitbit 2 wearable
Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale Bathroom scales with WiFi and app support. Up to 8 persons weight can be tracked. Fitbit bathroom scales with Wifi
Moov Now Fitness tracker for wrist or ankle 3D motion tracking and pulse measurement. It works with a smartphone app that can measure activity types and sleep. Six month battery life and waterproof. fitness wearable for wrist or ankle

IoT Environment

IoT TypeDescriptionUsesIoT Link
Acurite Weather Station Measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain View on indoor display, smartphone, tablet or computer. Plan ahead for planting, watering, outdoor activities or gardening. outdoor weather station

IoT Solutions

IoT TypeDescriptionUsesIoT Link
Google Home Virtual Assistant with speakers and microphones Alarm, calculator, calendar, dictionary, facts lookup, if this then that control, light control, multi room audio control, news, podcasts, shopping, traffic information, weather information, travel information, TV streaming control and timer. Goggle Home voice assistant

IoT Applications

IoT TypeDescriptionUsesIoT Link
IFTTT If this then that Application to automatically operate follow up actions upon digital events. E.g. Turn on light when sun sets, receive SMS if rain is forecast, upload Fitbit data daily, log work travel time to spreadsheet, set mobile to silent at work etc. Google Play IFTTT ,
Apple iTunes IFTTT

IoT Communications

IoT TypeDescriptionUsesIoT Link
LoRaWAN Long distance low powered wide area network City wide or property wide IoT. E.g. 10 km range to send low speed key / value pair information. Smart City usage. Farm management. LoRaWAN Alliance
Campbell Scientific Australia Creator of custom IoT devices including LoRaWAN and mobile E.g. Remote solar powered IoT sensor network, mine site environment monitoring, waterways quality monitoring etc. Campbell Scientific Australia
Multitech Hardware provider for LoRaWAN devices Base stations and IoT device communications. Multitech
Arduino compatible WeMos D1 WiFi with ESP8266 Microcontroller with input output pins and WiFi networking Entry level IoT projects using WiFi. Many types of circuit boards (shields) can be stacked for more functions. Arduino Microcontroller with WiFi
Raspberry Pi 3 Single board computer with Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth. 40 input output pins. 4 USB ports. Micro SD storage. HDMI video. Runs Linux or Windows 10 core. This can act as a IoT small hub, small web server and gateway to cloud computing. Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer

IoT Cloud

IoT TypeDescriptionUsesIoT Link
Amazon Web Services IoT AWS handles device authentication, messaging, databases, analysis and reporting. Created your own IoT solution that can scale up as required. AWS IoT
Microsoft Azure IoT Manage devices like Raspberry Pi 3 running Windows 10 core with Microsoft Azure cloud services. Monitor energy usage, water usage, building temperatures, renewable / battery storage levels, farm water levels etc. Microsoft Azure IoT Suite
Google Cloud Compute IoT Leverage devices like Android / Android Things to work with Google Cloud IoT, big data and analytics. Build on top of Linux devices including Android, use Google APIs programming and store data on Google Cloud. There is a free trial and threshold. Google Cloud IoT,
Android Things

IoT Books

IoT TypeDescriptionUsesIoT Link
Amazon Dot User Guide 2017 Voice assistant setup and use Amazon Dot user guide book
Google Home The Google Home Guide And Google Home Manual With Setup, Features And Tips Google Home guide book
Precision Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things 240 pages on how IoT is improving multiple industries Precision IoT in indstry book
The Amazon Way on IoT 10 Principles for Every Leader from the World's Leading Internet of Things Strategies IoT on AWS book