3D Design Example If you're a inventor who is genuinely interested in how to quicken invention commercialisation, then I've got a 3D design product development secret list here you need to learn about FAST if you want to avoid having to create a 3D design for customer testing, patent and manufacture.
The Bottom Line Of This 3D Design Product Development List Is:
Faster Invention Commercialisation

This list of secrets is all about the fact that 3D Design.
That means speeding up invention development.
This helps you because save time to get to commercialisation which means quicker return on investment.

Secret # 1 - 3D Designs Can Work At Any Scale

  • Large complex designs can be designed one component at a time
  • Assemble multiple building sized inventions digitally
  • Create designs for 3D printing at a smaller scale

Secret # 2 - 3D Designs Can Import Parts

  • Add common machinery, furniture, vegetation to your design quickly
  • Add people using your design quickly
  • Add landscape, sunlight, sky to your design quickly

Secret # 3 - Export 2D Plans

  • Export designs as 2D plans
  • Export design views as 2D images
  • 2D designs can go into patents
  • 2D designs can be easily shared for faster product development iteration

Secret # 4 - Export 2D Video

  • Create a walk through of your design
  • Add narration of how the invention is used
  • Include the video in the pitch to stakeholders

Secret # 5 - Export 3D Designs

  • 3D designs can be converted into 3D printer files
  • 3D designs can be used on smartphone virtual reality headsets
  • 3D designs can be used on full VR headsets like Oculus Quest
  • Experience the invention before construction

You should definitely Consider where 3D design can speed up product development.

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Industrial complex in 3D

Office building outside in 3D

Inside office building in 3D

Warehouse in 3D

Inside warehouse in 3D