Why do a Small Business Website?

Reach out to 3.3 billion Internet Users

Website for Internet Traffic

Why have a Small Business Website?

Access to 3.3 billion Internet users

Reach a worldwide audience on computers, tablets and smartphones. There are 18 million Australian Internet users. Expect 30-40% of your website traffic to come from tablet or smartphone devices.

Access to 3.5 billion Internet searches per day

Are you missing out of Internet search queries that could get to your business?

Create an online customer segment

Start a new online customer segment to work with your physical store or warehouse. Create more turnover using existing buildings.

Create online product awareness, product evaluation and product sales

Development of customers maybe required. This includes product awareness, product evaluation, product purchase and product after sales services. This can all be achieved with a website.

Provide a 24x7 method of working with your business

Accept orders, appointments, payments, subscriptions, email messages, memberships and digital product sales/delivery any time of day or night. Extend the trading hours to full time.

Create a business location map reference with links to website

To set up a Google map location with your business location and name is free. Basic information about your business can be included with pictures. A website link can funnel customers to you directly from a map search.

Create images of products with descriptions that can be used by search engines

Product images on your website can have text descriptions. People searching for the particular product can reach your website via the image description and land on your product web page.

Create a social media to website customer channel

Create website pages or blog(comment) entries and link to then from social media. There are over 1.3 billion Facebook users of which 13 million are in Australia. LinkedIn has 3.5 million in Australia. Twitter has 2.5 million in Australia.

Create a signage to website customer channel

Fixed and vehicle signage can have a website address for more information. Quick Response (QR) codes which are free can be created for Smartphones to read and jump straight to your website without typing the address.

Create a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to website customer channel

Pay Per Click advertising can be simply described as Google text ads on the right side of search queries to link to your website. Only people who click on your ad cost you anywhere from 10 cents to $4. Business, Townsville and Website are all under 50 cents.

You can turn on and off your ads depending on how busy you are, instantly. You can vary your spend per day as desired. Having ads text similar to the webpage destination lowers your costs and can inproved your customer conversion rate. PPC is useful especially with a new website to generate temporary traffic.

Create an automatic email marketing sequence with links to the website  

A automated email sequence can be called an auto-responder. Have a webpage for a users to subscribe in return for a eBook/white paper etc. The email sequence should provide value to the customer and build up thier product knowledge.

The number of emails and the scheduling is up to you. The schedule starts when a person subscribes. Product development without personal contact required. Add links to product pages and contact information for online sales.

Provide digital delivery of new services. e.g. eBooks, training videos etc

Some digital products can be sold online automatically with digital delivery. This required a product page with ordering facilities, payment handling and a link to download the digital product. Amazon does this with eBooks. Apple iTunes does it with music. Google Play does it with movies. There are hosting services that can handle the payment and delivery section. Your website links to your product details on their website.

Show contact information including maps, address, phone number and email

By having all your contact details on your website you become more important to Internet search results from people in your region. Local business can come before national business in search results. Use this to your advantage for local customers who can now contact and find you easily. Map references can be bookmarked in smartphones so that the customer can use thier phone GPS to direct them to your premises.

Provide website address to other directories for more customer Internet traffic

Links from directories and other websites to your website raises your website authority. This can lead to more search Internet traffic over time. The activity can take months or years but the results are cumulative. Organic search numbers will increase over time based on the quality of your content and the quality of the links to it. Avoid quick fix solutions of many (low quality) links for few dollars. New valuable web pages can also be listing on Internet news sites like Digg and Reddit.

Allow Internet users to find your website via your industry keywords and location  

Compete with International websites by combing your service, industry and location keywords. e.g. Italian restaurant Townsville, television repair Townsville. This will create a unique combinations. Try to use words that your customers will be searching for. Synonyms can also be used with the web page text. Exact match search results will show higher that non exact match search results. The more web pages you have the bigger the collection of keywords are that can used to reach your website via search.

Create revenue raising affiliate links to other complementary websites

Some external products and services that your customer ask for that are complimentary to your products can be linked to. People wo use these links and buy from the other site can earn you affiliate income. e.g. Amazon, eBay, Clickbank. Commission can be from 5 to 50%. Digital products can have high commisions. You need an website with traffic to participate with affiliate marketing. e.g. SEO Bible Amazon eBook (website optimisation).

Create revenue with web pages ads for visitors

If Internet users reach your website and your products do not quite suit them then revenue can be earned if the click on ads placed in the webpage. e.g. Google Adsense allows you to allocate space on your webpage for the ad. Google will fill it for you automatically. The ads will be selected to suit the Internet user if possible. Place an ad at the very bottom of the webpage to indicate a final link option.

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