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Free knowledge base solution shared

by mobile phone and computer

Why build a knowledge base?

Store the knowledge you gather in your career and personal experiences. Save the knowledge you learn along the way electronically. Have this knowledge available from your computer and your mobile phone. The knowledge base idea can be used for an individual or a team if desired.

What can go into a knowledge base?

  • Addresses
  • How to documents
  • Procedures
  • Configuration information
  • Colour diagrams
  • Troubleshooting ideas
  • Favourite commands and shortcuts
  • Specifications documents
  • Frequently Asked Question documents
  • Definitions etc.

How can a knowledge base be shared on a mobile and computer?

By holding all the documents in the one directory and using a common format HTML as used by the Internet the usefulness of the knowledge base is enhanced. The whole directory can be copied between computers and to mobile phones as required. HTML standard will continue to be in used far into the future. There are no version issues or obsolete software versions and data file types to worry about.

What requirements are there for a mobile knowledge base?

A mobile phone with an Internet Browser and file access is required. This now includes most mobile phones some of which cost less than $100. No data plan is needed for knowledge base viewing or copying. Copying a knowledge base is simple using a USB transfer cable and Windows Explorer or equivalent. Direct file access is not possible on a iPhone.

How to start building your own knowledge base?

Create a new directory on your computer such as c:\website

Save index.html template into the new directory.

Create a shortcut for the index.html file and copy it to your desktop. This will be used

Create some new content and save it as a HTML file in the same directory.

Edit index.html file, enter a new document title and hyperlink it to your new content.

Connect your mobile to the computer using a USB cable and select data transfer function if asked.

Your mobile phone will appear as a extra drive letter.

On the mobile phone create a directory structure such as \documents\website.

Copy all the files from e.g. c:\website to e:\documents\website

From the mobile, open the Internet Browser and navigate to e.g. \documents\website\index.html and open it.

Save the webpage as a favourite or a bookmark. Use the bookmark to access the knowledge base in the future.

Matthewb Homepage Utilities Section Computer Efficiency Section

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