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Energy Efficiency work quiz

Work Efficiency Quiz

Energy Efficient power energy environment benefits

Test how well your work energy efficiency is going in practice.
How much in savings at work are you missing out on?
Feedback given instantly after completing quiz and pressing Get Result button.
What efficiency can you find? What new projects would achieve a good return on investment?
All options selected have a custom responses in the results panel.
Achieve 80% or better and print out a Custom Certificate.

Q1. What is the minimum cost in hardware to measure a buildings power consumption in real time (single phase)?


Q2. What can replace an incandescent light bulb and save 80% on electricity?

smaller wattage light
halogen light
LED light
compact fluorescent light

Q3. What can replace a halogen light bulb and save 88% on electricity?

smaller wattage light
incandescent light
LED light
compact fluorescent light

Q4. What can replace a fluorescent tube light and save 33% on electricity?

smaller wattage light
add power factor correction capacitor
use an electronic ballast
use an electronic ballast and lower wattage light

Q5. What is possible to further control lighting?

movement detection
heat movement detection
ambient light detection and compensation
one touch countdown timers for 0 to 15 hours
sunset switches to turn on lighting at night only
timers with daily or weekly or yearly schedules
all of the above

Q6. Can an Australian community group work together to acquire 4 million watts of wind turbines (2 x 2 MW) to power thier community and profit share?


Q7. How can business use off peak electricity to provide daytime air conditioning? What is created at night and stored for the cooling system?
(3 letters)

Q8. What technology exists to dramatically reduce your communication costs?
(4 letters V)

Q9. What is the name of the technology that uses natural gas for bonus electricity generation first then the heat for water and room heating? This adds about 33% more energy efficiency compared to heating alone.
(2 words C G)

Q10. What green vehicle costs $4 to travel 200 km?
(8 letters E)

Once 80% percent is achieved (8/10) or better, enter your name and press the Get Certificate button. Print the certificate at the bottom of the web page.

When you have mastered the relevant quiz's it time to realise your potential efficiency and find out how much you can save in power, money and help the environment. Run some calculations and research your options. What changes will make the most benefits?

Local links: Matthewb Homepage , Energy Efficiency Section , Business Energy Saving Calculator

Local links: Matthewb Homepage , Energy Efficiency Section , Business Energy Saving Calculator

use technology efficiently

Work Efficiency Quiz

Certificate of Achievement

This Certificate is Presented to

For knowledge in work Efficiency Practices

The understanding on how to reduce work power consumption by 25% to 88%

Awareness on how to measure the energy and financial savings

reduce energy use, save money and help the environment