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Green IT Efficiency Quiz

Energy Efficient netbook computer use less power than a desktop or laptop

Test how well your Information Technology energy efficiency is going in practice.
How much in IT savings are you missing out on?
Feedback given instantly after completing the computing quiz and pressing Get Result button.
What can be implemented now for free? What new IT projects would achieve a good return on investment?
All options selected have a custom responses in the results panel. Achieve 80% or better and print out a Custom Certificate.

Q1. What class of computer uses over 50% less energy compared to a desktop?

Thin Client
All of the above

Q2. What sort of computer processors now use less than 8 watts?

Via C7

Q3. What alternatives are there to extend computer storage without buying ands running another computer?

USB External Drive
Network Attached Storage
Storage Area Network
All of the above

Q4. When purchasing a computer what standard can save you 25% of electrical consumption costs while maintaining the same computer power?

Energy Star 4
80 Plus
Switched Mode Power Supply

Q5. How can I stop standby loads of computer peripherals automatically?

Power off computer equipment at wall
Power off devices individually
USB controlled power board
Master controlled power board

Q6. What devices can replace a room full of computers and save over 50% in electricity and avoid future upgrade cycles?

Thin clients plus server
Thin Clients and Remote Data Centre
Remote Data Centre
All of the above
Change Destops for Laptops

Q7. What is the minimum cost in hardware to measure a buildings power consumption in real time (single phase)?


Q8. What technology exists to dramatically reduce your communication costs?
(4 letters)

Q9. What technology can reduce a data centre server count by 10:1?
(2 words V C)

Q10. What settings can be applied on a computer to save 90% of electricity when idle for extended periods?
(3 words C P M)

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Once 80% percent is achieved (8/10) or better, enter your name and press the Get Certificate button. Print the certificate at the bottom of the web page.

When you have mastered the computing quiz it time to realise your potential efficiency and find out how much you can save in power, money and help the environment. Run some calculations and research your options. What changes will make the most benefits?

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Local links: Matthewb Homepage , Computer Yearly Energy Calculator , Computer Power Use Calculator , Efficiency eBook

learn how to become more Energy Efficient with computing quiz

Green IT Quiz

Certificate of Achievement

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For knowledge in Green IT Practices

The understanding on how to reduce IT power consumption by 25% to 90%

Awareness on how to measure the energy and financial savings

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