Free Week eBay Analysis by Day and Hour for Sellers

eBay Sales Analysis for Growth

Why Analysis eBay Transactions?

  • When are your best buyers online during the week?
  • Do certain parts of the week attract higher bidding?
  • Do you have auction listings present that finish during all the peak periods of the week?
  • Does time zones affect when buyers are present in your market?
  • Is there different buying patterns during the week for different product categories?

eBay Transactions Analysis Benefits

  • Schedule your auction listing to work with your market buying patterns.
  • Achieve more bids at the measured peak periods. Your listing will be near the top at the right times.
  • Find many buying peak periods across the week.
  • Improve your sold versus unsold ratio.

How does this eBay Transaction Analysis work?

  1. Paypal/Credit Card users need to be online to perform a payment. Paypal transactions show this time not the auction or buy it now finish time.
  2. A Paypal CSV file type transactions list is imported into a spreadsheet.
  3. The spreadsheet reads the list for 'Payment' and positive value transactions.
  4. The date is read for day of week. The time is read for hour.
  5. The results are a week view showing day of week and hour in terms of sales count and sales values

Week Sales Analysis buy day and hour for sales count and sales value sample results

Week eBay Sales Count by day and hour Week eBay Sales Value by day and hour

eBay Week Analysis by day and hour Spreadsheet Instructions

The spreadsheet is in Excel format.

Free eBay Week Analysis by Day and Hour Spreadsheet

  1. Download and Save the spreadsheet above.
  2. Create a Paypal transaction list in CSV format for the date range you want to analyse.
  3. Open Spreadsheet, move to TransactionDateTimes worksheet, Cell A1.
  4. On the Menu select Data - External Data. Choose the CSV file.
  5. Move to the Homepage Worksheet
  6. Click Paypal Analysis Button
  7. View Homepage Results in format like diagrams above in a few seconds.

Advanced users can prepare transaction lists by product or category for analysis using the same process

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