Arduino sensors
Arduino temperature humidity sensor

Arduino sensors popularity by descending sales from

PopularityDescriptionCost US $
1DS1820 waterproof temperature probe1.09
2Soil moisture hydrometer0.45
3Ultrasonic distance measure module HC-SR040.85
4Sound detection module0.55
5Raindrop detection sensor0.54
6Barometric pressure sensor BPM0851.66
7Infrared motion detector HC-SR5010.80
8Temperature and relative humidity sensor DHT110.97
9RFID detector and tag 13.56 MHz MFRC-5221.57
10Smoke gas detector MQ20.98
11Laser sensor module KY008 650nm0.48
12Rotary encoder KY-0400.69
1320 Amp AC  / DC Current Sensor ACS712 (in line)1.40
14Line tracking sensor (black / white)0.79
153 axis accelerometer ADXL3451.30
16Magnetic switch1.29
17Color / light measurement sensor GY-9960LLC2.60
18Hall effect magnetic sensor / counter1.11
19Alcohol sensor1.30
20Light intensity sensor BH17501.02
21Thermocouple wide range temperature sensor2.95
22Capacitive touch 4 channel switch0.56
23Infrared reflective switch barrier sensor up to 25 mm (can be for object avoidance)3.42
24XY joystick control lever0.60
25Contactless temperature sensor4.05
26Pulse heart rate sensor2.10
27UV detection sensor3.74
28Vibration switch alarm sensor0.88
293 x 4 button module to 1 sensor input2.40
30Weight sensor 1kg2.59
3125 V DC Voltage and 3A current sensor (inline)1.58
32Carbon monoxide sensor1.34
33Fingerprint reader22.88
34Fire detection infrared receiver sensor0.59
35Light detection sensor0.69
36Water flow sensor 1-30 litres per minute3.67
37Dust and smoke detector4.89
385A AC current detector (through circular sensor)3.44
39Tilt sensor0.65
405 Volt Rain sensor / 12 Volt relay module 10 amp contacts2.45
41Opto couple slot sensor0.90
42AC voltage sensor 250 volt3.74
43Current sensor 100 amp split core (can clamp around existing cable) 1.5 metre cable and 3.5 mm stereo plug6.04
443 axis compass magnetometer2.29
45Waterproof distance measurement sensor to 6 metres15.50
46High precision humidity sensor2.65
47Muscle (electromyogram) signal sensor with 3 skin contacts22.90
48Vacuum pressure sensor1.22
49Normally closed vibration sensor0.48
50Flammable gas sensor (propane/ methane/ hydrogen/ natural gas)0.94

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