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CompanyIoT DescriptionURL
Aliexpress Global eCommerce suppliers that can supply Internet of Things hardware.
Altoview The company has set up 4 (LoRa WAN) base stations in Townsville for Internet of Things. Civic building, Castle Hill, Mt Stuart and JCU. It covers most of Townsville and the west of Magnetic Island. The 915 MHz circuits (Arduino Xbee plug) have a range of 10 km. Each circuit has a unique 16 hex value. Register a new board and the data can be in the cloud in minutes. There is a free education channel or paid encrypted channel. Public IoT data is available for free. See Campbell Scientific (parent company). See Multitech for comms circuits.
Amazon Amazon Web Services
S3 - Cloud File Storage in triplicate
Kinesis - Collection stream of IoT data
Lambda - Code run over IoT data
DynamoDB - NoSQL database storage of IoT data
Cloudwatch - Cloud computer monitoring
Cloudtrail - Event logging and management
Echo - Microphone and speaker for home automation. This includes Alexa voice recognition.
Arduino Arduino Nano microcontroller circuit with ESP8266 WiFi
Wemos D1 Arduino microcontroller circuit with WiFi. Compatible with Arduino Uno.
Arduino Yun microcontroller circuit with Linux, Ethernet and Wifi
ARM Internet of Things - System on a Chip. This type of silicon chip is licenced to multiple manufacturers. It can be found in IoT, Automotive, Android phones, Smart houses, wearables and healthcare.

Mbed integrated development environment. Can work with Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi, LoRa WAN, cellular, RFID and NFC
Bosch IoT Analytics, Hub, Integrations, Permissions, Remote Manager, Rollout updates, Asset management
Campbell Scientific Campbell Scientific can build industrial Internet of Things hardware solutions including sensors, data collection, communications, solar and batteries. E.g. Weather, water levels, air quality, soil moisture, leaf sensor and rainfall. There is also an Altoview training room for IoT.
Cisco Network connectivity
IoT “Fog applications”
Management and Automation
Element 14 Australian and Global large electronics supplier
General Electric Industrial machine measurement systems
Google Google Home - Google Assistant with voice response house speaker and microphone
Google Cloud Compute IoT
Google Nest temperature home automation (USA)
Honeywell Industrial Internet of Things
Hypercat Open standard for describing Internet of Things data
IBM IBM Watson Health - patient engagement
Intel Intel Quark microcontroller for IoT including development boards.
Intel IoT Gateways.
Intel/McAfee security.
Jaycar Local electronics supplier including Internet of Things
Microsoft Microsoft Azure cloud IoT
Multitech Communication hardware including Low Powered Wide Area Network (LoRa WAN). Note, the circuits need to be programmed/flashed for Australian use. Free software provided.
Orange Telco with IoT options using cellular or LoRa WAN in Europe.
Programming API to work with IoT.
Postscapes “Leading destination for early adopters and thought leaders in the Internet of Things space.”

Internet of Things standards list with descriptions.
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 3 - Linux / Windows 10 IoT core, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Input / Output, MicroSD storage, HDMI, USB
Raspberry Pi Zero W - Linux, Wifi, Bluetooth, Input / Output, microSD storage, mini HDMI, USB
RS Components Australian and Global large electronics supplier
Shield List List of supplier that make shields (circuit boards) that work with Arduino.
Smart Citizen Global public network on environment sensors
Texas Instruments Sensors, silicon chips, communication circuits, microcontrollers, power supplies, battery control, system isolation monitoring. Extensive user cases reviewed.
The Things Network Global group promoting Internet of Things gateway deployments and use
Thessenkrup Elevator IoT - Motor temperature, elevator speed, door function
Thingful Mapping of Internet of Things locations. Thingful includes shipping in real time. There are many Townsville IoT sites listed.
Thingworx IoT platform, ecosystem, community, resources and marketplace.
Xively Enterprise IoT data platform including storage, SDK’s, gateways, security and business logic.

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