NBN eBook

Startup Preparation

Startup Book Resources
Sections on startup introduction, digital choices, value proposition, customer profile, business models, marketing models, skills and Internet advantages.
Startup Digital Technology Choices
Website options for different business types. New digital technology opportunities.
Digital Transformation Examples PDF
Eleven international examples.

Startup Design

Idea Research Checklist
Does your idea suit you and the market? Answer questions to find out. Export results.
Customer Profile Creator
Create a 1 page customer profile includes customer jobs, pains and gains.
Value Proposition Creator
Create a 1 page value proposition with products, services, pain relievers and gain creators.
Customer Profile background PDF
Value Proposition background PDF

Startup Business Model

Business Model Frequently Asked Questions
What is a business model and how can you use one? How can it create new opportunities?
Business Model Examples
Four advanced industry business models for retail, services, manufacturing and digital sectors.
Business Model Creator
Create your own business model with digital options fast. Show what you have and want.
Business Model Information
Digital solutions, further business model reading and definitions.
Balanced Scorecard Introduction PDF
How to measure success in terms of team learning/growth, customer perspective, internal processes and financial.

Startup Skills

Job skills / industry / career list
Which transferrable skills do you have? Which industries are you familiar with?
Basic Skills Analysis
Learn skills, get skills, have skills. Make your lists. For individual, projects, startups to organisation.
Detailed Skills Analysis
What skills and level do you have and want. Work out your startup skills gap.
New User to LinkedIn All Star
List your skills on LinkedIn and search for other skills.
Startup idea, built it, measure it, learn and progress, repeat

Startup growth curve