Internet Mobile Phone Cost saving options for home

What are you spending on Internet, Phone and Mobiles per month? Can technology help reduce your monthly communication costs? What possible savings are you missing out on?

Calculate you average monthly communication costs and see where your money is going? See if altering how you communicate will save you money?

Internet Mobile Phone Current Costs

Enter your current telecommunication costs. More than one service can be included in a line item.
Telecommunication Service Fixed Costs Variable Costs Sub Total
Internet Connection
Landline Phone
Mobile Phone
Grand Totals

Internet Mobile Phone Proposed Costs

Enter alternative providers for your telecommunication costs.

Telecommunication Service Fixed Costs Variable Costs Sub Total
Internet Connection
Landline Phone
Mobile Phone
Grand Total

Mobile Phone Detailed Calculator

Mobile Phone Service Quantity Cost Each Total
Number of calls (connection fee)
Number of mobile minutes talk time
Number of SMS texts
Number of MB of data
Grand Total Rounded off

Possible Internet Cost Saving Options

Vary download limit to suit your actual needs. Check Internet plans every 6 months for improved options.
Vary you Internet speed to suit your budget.
Use Internet VOIP telephony to reduce your land-line phone costs.E.g. $20 unlimited national landline calls, 20 cent untimed international calls.
Use free video conferencing to reduce travel expenses e.g. Skype

Internet Cost Traps

Excess download charging instead of slowing speed down when the monthly limit is reached. 

Possible Phone Cost Saving Options

Consider VOIP telephony with unlimited national calls and fixed price for international calls. Skype also has unlimited world calls for 9 euros per month. Use a Wifi Skype phone or Apple iTouch as a handset to save on needing to have a powered up computer.
Change Line rental plan to basic level if VOIP telephony is used
Consider a combined broadband and VOIP telephony plan
Using VOIP instead of extra telephone lines and their associated line rental fees.

Phone Cost Traps

The unknown bill size at the end of the month with timed call charges.

Possible Mobile Cost Saving Options

Use mobile Wifi VOIP telephony if possible instead of mobile carrier
Adjust Mobile plan to suit call volumes
Consider SMS instead of mobile call
Use email instead of mobile calls
Can a smart-phone with data plan replace a home phone and/or wired broadband connection?
Mobile to mobile calls are often cheaper than land line to mobile. 
Joint mobile plans using the same carrier can include same carrier talk time and shared call caps.
Consider pre-paid mobile to control your costs. Look for long expiry period for phone recharges.

 Mobile Cost Traps

Be careful of the cost of mobile data charges. 
Does the carrier has signal range where you intend to use mobile phone/data. There maybe different coverage maps for second generation and third generation mobile telephony. 3G can provide higher speed mobile data transfer.
What are the individual call costs under a call cap plan. Would your usage always keep under the cap?

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