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Knowledge Management in a Project Environment



  • Knowledge Management can work on a individual, project or organisational level
  • KM can be used to develop client relationships for repeat custom

  • In a project Profile key decisions and why they were made

  • Reporting can be classed into 3 level with level 3 being full reporting (usually only needed when asked to be a deliverable)

  • Profiles can be used to teach new staff on how a project has got to the present point

  • Clients can see on what went right during the project

  • Profiles are a good learning tool

  • Profiles can be used to make monthly update reports

  • Project Maturity can be described from chaos, manageable, repeatable, leverage-able to innovative

  • Projects can be monitored by tracking Inputs, Activities, Outputs, Control Points

  • Capture decisions as you go and their reasons to help with client relationships

  • Background Intellectual Property + Project learned IP = Improved Background IP for future projects

  • Both client and yourself have the rights to IP from the project

  • Project Management in IT is increasing