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Cloud Computing Possibilities







Cloud Computing Possibilities

Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing can be described as a combination of virtualization servers providing scalable services, applications, storage and infrastructure for multiple clients over the Internet.

Where is Cloud Computing available now?

  • Microsoft Office Live Small Business
  • Microsoft Online Services
  • Amazon
  • Google Apps
  • Yahoo
  • Sales Force
  • Zoho
  • Virtual VOIP
  • Anti Virus on line backup provisions. E.g. Trend Micro and Norton.

What are Cloud Computing advantages?

  • Rapid deployment of services. Deployment in 1 day is possible. Quicker testing cycles.
  • Less money needed for on site hardware, administration and maintenance required.
  • Less capital expenditure
  • Scalable to handle variable business needs.
  • Access to large expensive hardware and services with little costs.
  • Electricity costs for local servers is saved in a cloud environment.  Virtual cloud servers save on electricity by sharing.
  • Disaster recovery from a local event. Easy to set up quickly in a new location.
  • Data access independent of location or device. E.g. Home, work or while traveling. Using a desktop, laptop, net book, smart phone or thin client.
  • Telephony can also now be hosted.
  • National Fibre Broadband will allow larger clouds.
  • Save about $1000/year in electricity and cooling for each server not deployed locally.
  • Storage costs are shared which can lower client level fees.
  • Lower data centre costs. Less space, cooling, UPS, generator requirements.

What are Cloud Computing disadvantages?

  • Monthly fees
  • Business data is stored off site.
  • What happens to your data if your provider goes out of business?
  • If the Internet is down locally then Cloud applications may be unavailable.
  • Encryption of data transmission and storage needs to be considered.
  • Training of programmers with cloud standards.
  • Intellectual Property stored off site.

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