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Training and Development using Virtual Computing

Training and Development using Virtual Computing

virtual computer training

Why Use Virtual Computing?

  • Try new operating systems
  • Learn about new operating systems and software
  • Set up server deployments from your desktop
  • Run multiple operating systems on the same computer
  • Save the expense and energy of multiple computer when everything can run on one
  • Virtual network together multiple virtual machines
  • Added security by isolation between the virtual machine and the host computer

What Does Virtual Computing Cost?

VMWare Player Free 50 MB download
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Free 70 MB download
Linux Xen Free Bundled in some Linux distributions
Virtual Box Free Built for Windows, MAC, Linux.

What Hardware do I need?

  • PC with large hard drive and lots of memory.
  • Assume 20 GB and 500 MB RAM per operating system
  • The drive space needed is the total size of files in the operating system.
  • The operating system believes it has larger storage than is actually used.

What are some of the Virtual Machines available for download?

Virtual Computer Name Hard Drive Requirement Memory RAM Requirement
Linux Distributions 600 MB 500 MB
Windows 2008 Enterprise Server 60 days 2.3 GB 500 MB
Firefox browser appliance (protection from Internet) 250 MB
Thin Client Server 500 MB 500 MB
Oracle Database for Education 750 MB 1GB
SUSE Linux with IBM DB2 database 750 MB 1GB
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 1.4 GB 500 MB
Windows 7 2.6 GB 500 MB
Network Storage Server 1 MB Software 300 MB
Ruby on Rails Development Server 350 MB 500 MB
Virtual Tape Library for Virtual Machines 400 MB 10 MB
Checkpoint VPN Security 700 MB 500 MB
Symantec Email Gateway Security 700 MB 500 MB
InterScanT Web Security Virtual Appliance 600 MB 2 MB
Windows XP SP3 3 GB 256 MB
Windows 8 Developer Preview 5 GB 1-2 GB

Try trial software such as SQL 2008, Visual Studio and Sharepoint on a seperate virtual machines to prevent clashes with your host computer.
Build up your IT skills on the latest software without spending money.
Over 1000 Virtual Machines are available for download. Most are free.